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Can Masterdream Productions / Research be requested as a scientific consultant for research projects?


Yes, but only in cooperation with university institutes, dissertation topics, and music-, art or cognitive psychological questions in the development of new products in the industry. (e.g. headphones, loudspeakers, monitors, etc.)

 The story of Masterdream Productions is deeply rooted in the biography of its founder:

In addition to graduating in philosophy of science at the University of Vienna

Jim Liogy received his doctorate in psychology as well, specializing in music and cognitive psychology.

This is why Masterdream Productions is so engaged in scientific research

around music psychology and cognitive sciences.

The music psychology research deals with questions relating to the creation and reception of music, so with the creative process of composing and playing music, as well as reactions of listeners to the musical performances. Even when science is not able to set up "rules for great music", music psychology provides quite a number of interesting findings and experiments that can significantly enhance the awareness of musical creativity.

Created by Jim Liogy, the term "cognitive-post-production" refers to the optimization of photographic, musical or cinematographic works of art in the post-production process by cognitive psychological findings.

An example from the field of film-psychology to explain the topic: Sometimes inserting subtitles in post-production, for a more detailed explanation of a movie scene can raise the viewers attention to a greater emotional tension than without the subtitles.

Art and music psychology can never replace creativity, but it can help to focus on vital points of the human perception before, during and after the creative process, thus, in some cases, maximizing the impact of the artwork.


Masterdream Productions is always an open partner for music psychology and cognitive psychology research in cooperation with academic institutions, in the allocation of dissertation topics, etc… We are happy to support research in the fields of music and art psychology with our know-how and equipment.


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home music photography film agency research about


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