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Jim Liogy Photography is one of the most acclaimed addresses for glamorous photography of singers, fitness models, dancers and artists.

Each personality, each face and each body has its own special individuality and it is the great art of a good photographer to capture his model with highest possible authenticity from the models best sides. Jim Liogy Photography follows a simple principle: "In the ideal case, pictures show the person exactly the way they appear in reality to others under ideal lighting conditions” It is the mission of Jim Liogy Photography to detect and stage these moments.

The photography - style of Jim Liogy resembles in some areas the glamour photography, but is defined at the same time through the highest possible level of purity.

Masterdream Productions own in-house retouching department ensures a perfect workflow.

Glamourous Portraiture for Singers and Artists


As the founder of Masterdream Productions, Jim Liogy focuses mainly on the perfect staging of singers, entertainers and fitness models; however, he runs his own projects with photo books, exhibitions, sexy calendars, etc. Two of his current projects include: "Stunning Ladies" scenes from everyday life with exceptionally attractive women who are unknown and pursue normal jobs, but who are equal to Hollywood stars in their elegance and eroticism. His project "Sexy Eyes" deals with the mysteries of the erotic gaze. For these projects, Jim Liogy obtained the top – level - domains www.stunning-ladies.com and www.sexy-eyes.com. Prior to the international presentation of his new photo books, no details will be unveiled. Jim Liogy loves women, and it shows in his photos: Sexy, erotic, but always elegant and with great class. A short biography of Jim Liogy can be found on the Jim Liogy keynotes website www.jimliogy.com



I am a model (not a singer or performing artist) and want my portfolio shoot by Jim Liogy Photography, is that possible?


If the ideas about style and location fit together, nothing stands in the way. However, projects for singers, artists and fitness Models always have priority.


What is the fee of Jim Liogy Photography?


The hourly fee is 480 € without VAT, without expenses, without travel costs and without crew, but including all equipment, flashes and cameras (depending on requirements and purpose also Hasselblad H5D-60 etc.) For the each person of the crew 150 Euro per hour will be charged. The size of the crew is dependent on the requirements of the shoot. For smaller projects a makeup artist and a lighting assistant will suffice. If a model is addressed or contacted for cooperation on a photo project on the part of Jim Liogy photography, then the collaboration is free of charge for the model ("TFP" basis - the model receives the photos, model and photographer have the rights to the photos, and the photographer uses the photos for projects, such as photo books, exhibitions, etc.). Depending on the project and economic recovery, a profit sharing with the model can also be agreed upon.

When both photographer and model are engaged by an agency for advertising shoots, the model is paid separately by the client. However, Jim Liogy does shootings for advertising only in exceptional circumstances, depending on time and interests.


Are there Jim LIOGY Photography Stock Photos, or microstock photos that can be purchased for editorial purposes?


It may happen that we sell individual shoots to stock agencies in agreement with the model. However, this is not our core business. If you have questions regarding commissioned or contract work, please contact us: see contact details below.


Where does Jim Liogy Photography have opportunities for studio shootings?


We have several locations in Austria for our studio work, and depending on demand and request we cooperate with studios and photographers from our network of friends in New York, Paris, London, and Berlin as well as in many other cities. Generally speaking, suitable locations for studio work are never an issue. We also have portable and collapsible background walls, mobile studio - lighting etc., so many shootings can be performed in "studio - quality" on location nearly everywhere. But often it is just a suitable outdoor - location, giving a fascinating overall composition to the pictures.


Can I book Masterdream Productions / Jim LIOGY Photography for event photography, wedding photography, event videos, etc.?


No, Masterdream Productions / Jim Liogy Photography is not active in these areas

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home music photography film agency research about


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Address (for current projects / clients only): Schönbrunnerstrasse 74/1a, 1050 Wien, Austria, EU

Address for all meetings and the signing of contracts: Austria, VIENNA CITY Address: Private Office Mag.DDr. Joachim Weichselbaumer (Managing Owner), Mahlerstrasse 13 / DG 19, 1010 Wien, Austria, European Union

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Production, composition and mastering suites are located in Vienna, Upper Austria and New York. We have affiliated studios and places in London, Paris, Berlin and in other cities.

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