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Masterdream Productions composes unique original songs for Classic - Crossover, Latin and Pop, as well as Film Music.



Can I book Masterdream Productions for a song composition?


We compose primarily for artists with whom we are connected through common projects and goals. However, for famous artists with its own management and tour schedule, we also produce individual songs in coordination with the overall concept of the respective artist.


How can we order Film Music with Masterdream Productions?


Major studios and independent film production companies contact: see contact details below.

For smaller film productions and film makers we decide according to our interests and project size. In any case, however, we call for an advance payment for such contract work. For TV movies, series and other TV productions we have special packages for longer-lasting cooperation. Please feel free to contact us.


Does Masterdream Productions produce music for advertising, telephone systems, department stores, sound - branding etc.?


No, Masterdream Productions is outside of these businesses.


Can I book recording sessions for instruments, e.g. for piano?


We also produce full playbacks for your own projects, and in this context, piano - sessions or instrumental recordings will be a part of it. However, outside of these projects we are not available for instrumental recordings. Masterdream Productions specializes in the recording of vocals.


Is Masterdream Productions a record - label?


Yes, Masterdream Productions is registered as a record - label in trade law, and the artist - management is done in cooperation with international artist agencies and concert organizers. We focus on music production, as well as the photographic, cinematic and graphical implementation (Artist Branding). Although we also undertake parts of the promotional work (e.g. creating and sending international press reports, PR - work in the context of new artists - websites etc.), we are currently focusing on the artistic part of the Artist Branding.

Together with our international network of great composers we create original music, customized to the market.

The selection of our composers is subject to the strictest creative criteria,

and we are happy to give young talents a chance.

It is the goal of Masterdream Productions to entertain international audiences

with great original music, and thereby enrich the vitality of the people positively.


Masterdream Productions places great emphasis on a distinctive sound design and creative orchestration & arrangements.

A part of our equipment is mounted in portable racks, so we can build a professional mobile recording studio anywhere in the world. A worldwide transportable "sound - isolation cabin" for singers is also part of our equipment.


The music is created in our own production - suite, or with composers in our network. The basis for our compositions is always the melodic idea, but never music on the basis of mere beats and samples.


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home music photography film agency research about


PHONE VIENNA +43 (1) 315 199 0

PHONE NEW YORK +1 (212) 465 3326

FAX     + 1 (212) 465 3328

Address (for current projects / clients only): Schönbrunnerstrasse 74/1a, 1050 Wien, Austria, EU

Address for all meetings and the signing of contracts: Austria, VIENNA CITY Address: Private Office Mag.DDr. Joachim Weichselbaumer (Managing Owner), Mahlerstrasse 13 / DG 19, 1010 Wien, Austria, European Union

NEW YORK CITY Address: LIAISON BUSINESS CENTER OFFICE: 576 Fifth Ave, # 903, New York City, NY 10036

Addressee: LIOGY - Joachim Weichselbaumer

Production, composition and mastering suites are located in Vienna, Upper Austria and New York. We have affiliated studios and places in London, Paris, Berlin and in other cities.

Please contact for general Inquiries: office@… | Music Production / Composition: music@… | Jim Liogy Photography: photography@… | Film / Music Videos: film@… | Research: research@…

For all: …masterdreamproductions.com