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Can I as an artist / act / artist management request single services of Masterdream Productions?


Masterdream Productions primarily deals with the development of its own artists and show concepts. If time and personnel resources are available, then individual services of Masterdream Productions can be purchased, for example, website design and programming, concert poster design, writing / wording and the international transmission of press reports, etc.  In terms of music composition and -production please refer to the faq on the "music" page of this website. Please also note that internal projects always take precedence, and all external projects should be requested with a lead time of at least 3 to 4 weeks. The field of photography, Jim LIOGY Photography,  is exempt from this and can be requested independent of other Masterdream Productions services.


Can I send my demo tape to Masterdream Productions?


Not without getting in touch with us first! Please do not send us any unsolicited demo versions of your own songs or concepts! Many production companies specify in their terms & conditions to automatically call for all rights to the material, which will be sent to them unsolicited. The reason for this measure is, that it often leads to problems arising when artists later (rightly or wrongly) sue for copyright of songs issued by the music production company. If you already have a YouTube channel or a publicly accessible website with your works, for example, then you may send us the link. In any other case, send us a general request with your personal information and remarks to the musical genre you are performing, but send demos only when requested!

Masterdream Productions / agency covers the whole spectrum of musical entertainment:

Conception and design of musical show ideas, music composition, photographic and cinematic presentation, website design and programming, artist development, as well as PR Consulting in cooperation with press agents and concert promoters, marketing and music management.

We care about the entire brand identity of the artist and support their career in all these areas.

The mission of Masterdream Productions is to make the world happier through music.


The production of music videos, as well as the associated post-production is also done in-house at Masterdream Productions. From pure in-house productions to close collaborations with other directors, cameramen and creative directors, every form of musical entertainment production is possible.

Masterdream Productions / Agency develops show concepts for artists, as well as the corresponding image (Brand Identity) with all the associated PR and promoting measures, target group-oriented press reports etc…

The portable analog and digital recording equipment of Masterdream Productions, powerful portable computers, an independent power supply and a variety of equipment for acoustic optimization of spaces allows Masterdream Productions to produce vocal recordings of the highest studio quality available anywhere in the world. It is even possible to transport a totally soundproof isolation booth to any location for vocal recordings. The existing facilities in Austria (Vienna, Burgenland, and Upper Austria) and in New York are therefore not a geographically limiting factor.

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Masterdream Productions / Art Direction is responsible for the overall brand identity of the artists. This includes the design and programming of websites, a design manual of the public appearance of the artists, the design of concert posters and autograph cards etc., as well as the stage design. Masterdream Productions is equipped with all the necessary programs and the associated know-how, and thus equipped for the production of all high-end  graphic products and printed matters.

Masterdream Productions is a unique full - service production agency for singers and performing artists. We cover all areas of artist development: talent scouting, talent management and artist development.


Also in the areas of photography and film, Masterdream Productions has a fully portable, independent studio equipment, and is equipped for the requirements of any top level production. In addition to full in-house productions collaborations in the role of a co-producer are also possible depending on the size of the international project.


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PHONE VIENNA +43 (1) 315 199 0

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FAX     + 1 (212) 465 3328

Address (for current projects / clients only): Schönbrunnerstrasse 74/1a, 1050 Wien, Austria, EU

Address for all meetings and the signing of contracts: Austria, VIENNA CITY Address: Private Office Mag.DDr. Joachim Weichselbaumer (Managing Owner), Mahlerstrasse 13 / DG 19, 1010 Wien, Austria, European Union

NEW YORK CITY Address: LIAISON BUSINESS CENTER OFFICE: 576 Fifth Ave, # 903, New York City, NY 10036

Addressee: LIOGY - Joachim Weichselbaumer

Production, composition and mastering suites are located in Vienna, Upper Austria and New York. We have affiliated studios and places in London, Paris, Berlin and in other cities.

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