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Will Masterdream Productions record my own demo CD?


No, we do not offer the recording of demo CDs. Masterdream Productions exclusively works on our own projects, and invests in artists which we believe in. We support these selected artists in music production, recording, photo - shoots, music videos, websites, etc. without charging them. In return Masterdream Productions takes over the management of these concert artists in conjunction with external concert organizers on the basis of a producer contract.


Can I apply as a vocalist at Masterdream Productions?


In general, we have our own scouting process and many potential artists through our network. However, if you are convinced of your exceptionally good voice and your fascinating stage presence, then we look forward to meeting you! But please do not send us unsolicited songs, compositions or concepts! Please also refer to the faq on the "music" page of this website. Due to our own projects, we can consider only a few external applications per year.

Masterdream Productions creates musical experiences at the highest level.

Music, photography, music videos, graphic design, and art direction,

all from a single source.

The focus for Masterdream Productions in music is always the singers´ voice and personality.

Masterdream Productions selects the best of all worlds for ultimate results. We offer our clients from music and show business a full - service in supporting their career.

Masterdream Productions focuses on Opera, Classic - Crossover, Latin and Country.

Our goal is to have an enthusiastic audience at every performance of our artists worldwide.

In order  to meet the vocal demands of great singers, we are not only equipped with the most advanced digital technologies for music production and recording, but also with top - level classics from the analog era. This way we achieve an incomparably fascinating, authentic and full sound of the singing voice.

jimliogy-mastering-suite jimliogy-singer-monitoring jimliogy-top-level-gear

Our specialty is the recording of vocals, as well as the composition of the song. We provide playbacks from our own production, or together with other composers and songwriters. The Mastering is also carried out with us.

A precise vocal - monitoring, tailored to the individual needs of the singers, produces a relaxed environment during the recording sessions as well as optimal recording - results.

Be ecofriendly. Turn off the light when you leave the site!

Masterdream Productions connects the world of music with photography, film and design

together with some of the world's greatest talents, designers and artists.


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home music photography film agency research about


PHONE VIENNA +43 (1) 315 199 0

PHONE NEW YORK +1 (212) 465 3326

FAX     + 1 (212) 465 3328

Address (for current projects / clients only): Schönbrunnerstrasse 74/1a, 1050 Wien, Austria, EU

Address for all meetings and the signing of contracts: Austria, VIENNA CITY Address: Private Office Mag.DDr. Joachim Weichselbaumer (Managing Owner), Mahlerstrasse 13 / DG 19, 1010 Wien, Austria, European Union

NEW YORK CITY Address: LIAISON BUSINESS CENTER OFFICE: 576 Fifth Ave, # 903, New York City, NY 10036 Addressee: LIOGY - Joachim Weichselbaumer

Production, composition and mastering suites are located in Vienna, Upper Austria and New York. We have affiliated studios and places in London, Paris, Berlin and in other cities.

Please contact for general Inquiries: office@… | Music Production / Composition: music@… | Jim Liogy Photography: photography@… | Film / Music Videos: film@… | Research: research@…

For all: …masterdreamproductions.com


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Alek­sey Igudes­man and Hyung-ki Joo are two clas­si­cal musi­cians who have taken the world by storm with their unique and hilar­i­ous the­atri­cal shows, which com­bine com­edy with clas­si­cal music and pop­u­lar cul­ture.